But What Do I WEAR?

So you’ve registered… what now? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions!

What do I wear to class? Most importantly- be comfortable! If you prefer a simpler practice style, then I’d suggest yoga pants or workout leggings and a shirt or tank top. The Belly Dance Shop has a great selection of lycra flare dance pants and practicewear that is perfect for dance practice (and performance!). If you prefer to get some mileage out of the costuming you’ve purchased, then by all means, wear it! One of the foundations of ATS® costuming is the fluffy 25-yard skirt- it’s important to get used to dancing with that much fabric swirling around you!

Should I wear shoes? The floors at Kamego are perfect for dancing barefoot, but if you prefer a little more support, then dance shoes such as jazz shoes are recommended. Dance paws or foot undies are also helpful!

What do I need to bring? Zills (finger cymbals) and a willingness to learn!

Where do I get these things? There are many vendors out there, but our local go-to is The Belly Dance Shop, located in Pineville, NC! Click here for the shop’s website!