About ATS®/About Jadara

About ATS®:

ATS® stands for American Tribal Style®, an improv dance format developed by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. The format is centered around on a vocabulary of movements, cued by the leader of the formation and picked up by the followers. When a group of dancers all know the same movement vocabulary, the transitions from move to move are seamless and magic can happen!

I really can’t put it in words better than the words from the ATS® mothership itself, Fat Chance Belly Dance®. Click here for more information on ATS®! (The site is a great resource!)

About the Instructor:

Jadara began dancing in January of 2006 after being captivated the year before by the Jewels of the Caravan at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. She began by taking cabaret lessons under Yasmine- and when Jenny Helms of Devyani began teaching ATS® at the studio, she was hooked. Since the beginning of her journey, she has participated in several different troupes of varying sizes and dance styles, including a gothic troupe, several tribal fusion troupes, an ATS® troupe, and the troupes of the Carolina Renaissance Festival, the Jewels of the Caravan and the Roses of the Realm. Throughout the years, ATS® has always felt like home.

Jadara has been fortunate to take part in workshops led by world-renowned instructors such as Megha Gavin, Amy Sigil, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Aziza, Issam Houshan, and many others.